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Bookkeeping Basics – What To Do & Why You Need To Do It

Starting a business is the fun part, running a business is where all the work come is. One of the never ending tasks that on the MUST DO list is bookkeeping. But what is it really? What does it entail. They tell you that you have to do it but they never really get...

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5 Steps To Creating Your Own Chart Of Accounts

Most people don’t give the chart of accounts a second thought. That’s most people. But you’re not most people. You’ve given it some thought. You know it’s there but it’s possible that you’re not exactly sure what it is, why you need it, what you’re supposed to do with...

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That’s Xero with an X [Review]

Zero isn’t just a number anymore… it’s Xero with X-Factor. Post Three of Four Finding a great cloud based accounting solution used to be damn near impossible.  Or at least that is what I thought until I took the time to explore the goodness that is Xero. As you may...

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Lessons Learned In The Pivot – My Quarter In Review

Not sure where to start so I’ll just start with some brutal honesty.   It was broken.  My business that I has spent years working on and building was broken.  Sure, I am a CPA and I have an accounting “firm” but at the end of the day, because of the virtual nature of...

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How Can I Help: The 2016 Reader Survey

Help me create content that is most helpful to you and serves your needs as a small business owner.   Whether you’re new at this or you’ve been at it for years, let me know how I can help.   I want to make sure that I am doing the best job I can here on this blog to...

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The Big Picture: Work Life Balance

Studies show that stress is a killer. Finding work life balance can be hard. When you start a business, stress is inevitable… right? Maybe. Maybe not. Stress doesn’t have to be a part of the package. You can find some balance but you’ve got to start from the...

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Holiday Season – Year End Reading List

This is my 2015 reading list of books to give your entrepreneur friend or books that you can give to yourself for the holiday season… or just because. Every year, I try to get around to reading several books.  This year has been no different but unlike previous...

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