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The Business Building Tools I Use In My Business

I used to have a list of tools that I use in my business. The last time I updated it was over two years ago. A lot has changed in my business since then. I’ve become super clear on who I am as a business owner, super clear on the people/types of business owners I work... read more

Stop Leaving Money On The Table

Sometimes I wonder about all these 6-7 figure launches. How much do they REALLY collect? How much of the six or seven figures even reaches their bank account? The Process – The Questions Let me explain… Getting someone to click the “Buy Now” button... read more

Your Books Are Messy…Clean Them Up

So I was talking to a client the other day. A client that was overworked and overwhelmed. One who found himself taking over the books from his former bookkeeper. And I could hear a TON of frustration in his voice. He had no idea what was going on – he... read more

Love More…Do Less

Sometimes, less IS more.  Sometimes, you can’t do it all.  Be it all.  And this is OKAY! Over the past few weeks, we’ve covered a few ways to love your business.  To fall in love with it again.  Sometimes falling in love means doing less.  Sometimes it means... read more
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However, know that I only promote/recommend products or services that I use (or have used) in my business or personal life. :)

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