Week In Review: September 22, 2011

In case you missed one bit of this last week – here’s part of the conversations you missed on twitter.

  • RT @mmangen: Content Strategies: Get Fresh with Your Audience Today http://t.co/CO8HJZwQ RT @SEOcopy ->
  • RT @nerdenterprises: News Flash – QuickBooks ProAdvisor Alert http://t.co/3Dfd0FLL ->
  • RT @QuickbooksUsers: Small Business Finance 101: When to Forget the Cost http://t.co/etefJrHY ->
  • thanks so much @andy_bauerle>>>I received +K in accounting from Robert Bauerle, thanks! http://t.co/U7BH73s7 ->
  • I’m getting a pack of #Moo cards because I’ve got Klout – thanks to @overheardatmoo! You can too, just click here: http://t.co/Ky7sKNvP ->
  • RT @mmangen: How To Change The Android Lock Screen http://t.co/5hFrAX86 ->
  • Accountemps Provides Tips for Remote Work | – http://t.co/Ij56gxBI ->
  • pretty good argument for value pricing>>>Price of Knowledge via @deepskyco http://t.co/mqOwQtqB ->
  • How to Create an Affiliate Program that Doesn’t Suck – http://t.co/guW92554 ->
  • E-Commerce News: Search: The Coming Irrelevance of SEO – http://t.co/7krZXpg6 ->
  • RT @nerdenterprises: QuickBooks 2012 – New Batch Timesheet Creation http://t.co/Cz7egYR1 ->
  • Common Cents’ Joyce M Washington is officially a CPA http://t.co/IRQ4jotv ->
  • RT @sleetergroup: New blog article: QuickBooks 2012 Accountant Center http://t.co/SgB9N8Zq ->
  • Back to School: Tuition and Fees Deduction – Forbes http://t.co/3322hBu8 ->
  • Using Twitter to build your business http://t.co/0LNAGX7k via @@nerdenterprises ->
  • See you there! RT @TaoMannaDon Google+ now has open sign-ups; no more invites required. Let the fun begin. ->
  • …have so much going on in my head, can barely focus today. How are YOU doing? ->
  • RT @nerdenterprises: 2 Methods For Organizing and Tracking Your Receipts QuickBooks and Evernote http://t.co/eoIGuf92 ->
  • IRS & DOL Are Playing Hard Ball http://t.co/ii20cwp1 ->
  • RT @QuickbooksUsers: RT @wrbarefoot With New Cloud Option, Microsoft Ups Ante for Small Business – WSJ.com http://t.co/pCliHOR5 ->
  • Many thx RT @SEOcopy #HonoringWomenWed @thecommoncents @CyberlandGal @pam_at @accuconference @LearnIt2EarnIt @rosevillerockln @cyndeehaydon ->
  • RT @qbguy: 7 terrible secrets revealed by your e-mail address -> http://t.co/EvNvQ8PB ->
  • RT @CNET: 5 things to know about the new Facebook http://t.co/U3n9ekMb #f8 ->
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IRS & DOL Are Playing Hard Ball

I just wrote a little ditty about Independent Contractors versus Employees last week.  It’s subject matter that I’ve written about it before and as you can see, I’m already writing about it again.

About a year or so ago, I had a discussion with a colleague of mine in payroll services (Mike Reid – catch him on twitter as @merchantman).   (more…)


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