Get Out Of That Rut

So, I’ve been in a bit of a rut.  A routine.  A bit stagnant.  Not moving backwards, not moving forward.  Not sure why but I’d imagine that it has something to do with all the thoughts and ideas that I have in my mind that I just haven’t been able to get onto paper… because I don’t really want to move to the next thing until I finish this thing! (more…)

Obstacles, Procrastination, Issues

Ever feel like you just don’t feel like it?  *thought to self… did that make any sense to anyone but me? *  Anyway, back to the scheduled programming…

Lately, I’ve been on a goal setting kick…mostly because I’ve achieved a few and I like how that feels and I want to feel that again.  Notice how many times I said “feel”…. quite a few.  Feelings are quite addictive. (more…)

Finish Strong

So it’s the last quarter of the calendar year.  Have you met your goals?  Have you exceeded them?  Not even close?  Do you even have any goals?  I know, a lot of questions… but if you answer them honestly, you are well on the way to transforming your business in the next 90 days and finish strong.


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