Back To School Reading List

Time for the kiddies to go back to school…and there’s nothing wrong with joining them. 

If you’re like me, you consider yourself a life learner –

So you are probably on the lookout for something juicy to add to your library, your Kindle or your podcasting app.  

Yep, this time around this is more than a reading list.  This time around, I’m adding my favorite podcasts to the listening list).

That’s Xero with an X [Review]

20160415 - Xero With An X

Zero isn’t just a number anymore… it’s Xero with X-Factor.

Post Three of Four

Finding a great cloud based accounting solution used to be damn near impossible.  Or at least that is what I thought until I took the time to explore the goodness that is Xero.

As you may have discerned for yourself by now, my business is a virtual one so finding something dependable and good enough to use with my clients and my team was at the tippy-top of my must have list… And I think I’ve found my winner in Xero.   (more…)

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