This month, I have the pleasure of being Ace Insiders Club’s expert for the month!

It is my belief that EVERY small business owner should know something about bookkeeping and that they should keep their finger on the pulse of the financial health of their business.  So it should come as no surprise then that the Host of the Ace Insider’s Club – Coffee Break Interviews, Jane Hinchey and I talked about bookkeeping basics.  What else would an accountant talk about?

In this snippet from our 60+ minute interview, I answer the question:  “What do terms like ‘Profit & Loss’ and ‘Cash Flow’ mean in everyday language?”  Check it out and tell me what you think.

Hey…Jane, THANKS! I had a lot of fun.

If you would like to learn more bookkeeping basics from me, check out QuickBooks Basics.

Thanks for watching!



About The Author

Joyce M. Washington is a Certified Public Accountant & Business Strategy Coach who teaches other accountants and coaches how to go beyond the numbers and grow their businesses. She is the creator of The Blueprint: Your Guide To Profitable Pricing and Packaging and QuickBooks Basics.

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