ReVamped, ReDesigned, ReWritten, ReLocated…ReLaunched!

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With both of us in mind… the website and blog has been revamped, redesigned, rewritten, relocated and ….relaunched!

Revamped & Redesigned from this…


To this…


Rewritten…there’s tons of new content and new blog posts so explore.

Relocated…with tons of online real estate, there is plenty of room to grow.
Relaunched…hope you enjoy it and visit often!


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Back To Business

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It’s been quite awhile since I have posted anything, to be exact, it’s been eight (8) months!  Honestly, I seriously considered letting the blog go & closing it down.  I thought about discontinuing it because I just couldn’t wrap my head around the benefits to keeping it.  I wasn’t seeing any return on the time and the effort I had been dedicating to researching, writing and posting content.  Besides that,  most of time, I felt like I was talking to myself.  But I’ve seen the proverbial light.  I look at the blog, as well as blogging in general, differently.

Like many of you, as a small business owner, I wear many hats so instead of writing a blog exclusively about my area of expertise (accounting & tax matters),  I’ve decided to add general stuff people ask me about being a small business owner – like how I got started and how I “did it”.  My hope is that the things that I find interesting and helpful…will be interesting and helpful to you as well.

Well… guess it’s back to business.  Let the blog party begin!

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Change of Focus – 2 Cents Blog

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Not literally a change, per se, but more like an expansion of focus…

As I have grown as a business owner and grown as a blog writer, I have found that I’d like to write more about growing a small business, as a whole, instead of just the accounting/financial aspect of it.  Now, don’t get me wrong… I’ll still write about accounting, finance, tax preparation/planning issues, payroll vs independent contractor issues, etc but going forward, I plan to write more about the journey of building a business and the things/tools that can help us along the way.

So why the change?  I started my business 7 years ago with the primary aim of providing affordable accounting solutions to small business owners.  That expanded to tax preparation for businesses & individuals…then that expanded to payroll services for small business owners.  Now, I haven’t expanded because I think I know everything or can do everything, out of vanity or any desire of my own.  In the past, as now, I have expanded because i took the time to listen to my clients & fulfill their needs.  As their trusted advisor, I have been asked to point them in the right direction.  So I will use this blog, this platform to do just that… point my aspiring entrepreneurs, microbusiness owners, small business owners in the right direction.  It is my hope that you will look to my blog & my website as an invaluable resource and that you will visit often.

With my expansion of focus, I look forward to having guest bloggers in the near future.  If you have an area of expertise that can help growing small business owners & aspiring entrepreneurs (especially law, marketing & branding)… I want to hear from you!


Questions & Comments… as always, are welcomed!


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To Blog Or Not To Blog?

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That IS the question!!!

So I’m trying to keep in touch with those that come to visit my website ( Trying to make sure to provide relevant information in a timely fashion. Like most things, relevant topics change rather frequently so I decided to bring myself & the business into the 21st century and opted for the blog instead of the newsletter. Why? Because with a weblog, I can provide insights more often on a flexible schedule and not feel pressured to write a novella/dissertation to do so.

Not that I’m here, representing virtual accountants and Common Cents Outsourcing… if you have questions, comments or topic suggestions, please let me. I look forward to hearing from you and receiving your feedback.

I hope you enjoy the content…



Note:  as of December 2011, I am doing both a blog (here) and a newsletter, 2Cents.  Get on the list here by putting in your details below this post.


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