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Want to know what you missed this week?  Here’s The Common Cents Week In Review.  Tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+… the works.  Join us next week…

The Common Cents Week In Review

The Common Cents Week in Review: April 12, 2012

2 Cents of the Week:

  • BizTip: stop fighting it. dwell in your strength zone… in your genius zone & outsource the rest! ->
  • YES! Inbox Zero! Nobody email me for the rest of the day so that I can enjoy this for at least a few hours! :) ->
  • New! Tax Tip: You Don’t Have To Owe Ever Again – The Withholding Calculator http://t.co/sMLwQNpG ->
  • New! Best Tax Apps Leading Up To April 15th http://t.co/46IQE49t ->
  • 5 Questions to Ask *Before* Hiring a Bookkeeper or Accountant: http://t.co/vuHuaxjQ guest post by @thecommoncents ->

Quotes of the Week:

Other stuff … check it out:

  • RT @LisaBirnesser: Content Syndication: 7 Easy Steps to Convert Your Content Into Video http://t.co/isWJHfWf ->
  • Learn To Use QuickBooks In Your Construction Business http://t.co/kmq6H48c via @AddThis ->
  • 5 Ways to Repurpose Existing Content | Intuit Small Business Blog http://t.co/qcXQMQGZ ->
  • Dave Ramsey’s Real Estate Minute: Want to Rent Out Your Home? You Must Do This http://t.co/aD2Xfp9O ->
  • RT @AbsoluteAlicia: How do we decide how and where to spend our time on social networks? http://t.co/8HwlLApv (@via LizLockard) ->
  • RT @SusanMyersBiz: How to Create A Marketing Message That Your Customers Will Remember. Please retweet http://t.co/kSWqk9nc ->
  • RT @alexandrawow101: Simple, effective & affordable formula to help you achieve your ideal healthy weight! http://t.co/NxSTmTXl ->
  • RT @SwallowtailCsl: Awake and still dreaming… http://t.co/AuqeeNrO ->
  • RT @RonaeHOPEcoach: Conflict resolution is really REALLY possible between you and yr #teens! ~>>> http://t.co/gLye3bKX #parenting ->
  • Miracles Are Not as Obscure As You Think! http://t.co/wAZ0oG7T ->
  • Get Clarity And Take Inventory Of Your Business via http://t.co/yCAiM9Xm http://t.co/Cnfhwz07 ->
  • Building a child’s self esteem via @teacherleader http://t.co/nL9u8PSI ->
  • Motivation for Moms – Keeping the Miracle of Easter Alive via @sueglashower http://t.co/1k8tr5Mw ->
  • Letting Go in Forgiveness, Discovery Healing via @carlmliebenberg http://t.co/k3JcXPuc ->
  • http://t.co/BozWht4C ->
  • How To Find Your Courage via @pristinedreams http://t.co/6e8IOWwv ->
  • can be applied to profession and personal>>> Is Your Mindset Affecting Your Relationships via @SusanPreston http://t.co/JshHquFX ->
  • Who Are You Listening To? via http://t.co/EAKZ2i9y http://t.co/KUi3jwCD ->
  • I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/jwha8v49 ->
  • RT @kimgarst: #TWITTERTIP Do not leave your #Twitter profile blank and ALWAYS use a picture. The “egghead” doesn’t cut it. #youcandosocial ->
  • [#MarketingTip] When it comes to having a good web presence, a pretty website isn’t enough! http://t.co/CJHvv6sH RT @susanmyersbiz ->
  • hint: You really can’t do EVERYTHING at once. Not even two things well. Focus. Complete it. Be present. RT @ginaparris: ->
  • “Get educated. Start small. Then practice, practice, practice.” – @theRealKiyosaki #financialeducation #NACSJ2012 RT @theedmundlee ->
  • Tips for Healthy Eating and Healthy Cooking via @carolgiambri http://t.co/rHWnYPWi ->
  • A Bigger BandAid: Hope for Parents Abused as Children via @RonaeHopeCoach http://t.co/xCHFT8FN ->
  • Container Veggie Garden, a first step the free way – Elise Photini http://t.co/cjJyMTRc ->


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