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Want to know what you missed this week?  Here’s The Common Cents Week In Review.  TweetsFacebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest… the works.  Join us next week…

Week In Review - Sticky Note for The Common Cents

The Common Cents Week in Review: April 19, 2012

2Cents of the Week:

  • Get Your VIP Sneak Peeks of QuickBooks Basics (QBB) – Here’s How… http://t.co/0MVdp0C1 ->
  • QuickBooks Quickies: All About The Setup – want all the answers before you know the questions? grab a copy of… http://t.co/xcspAhc1 ->
  • stepping outside the box… outside the comfort zone. can’t wait to spill all the details – 2012 is a year of… http://t.co/pgQ6HmAF ->
  • QuickBooks Quickies – All About The Setup http://t.co/Z8Xi7Zp0 ->
  • Bookkeeping Basics For New Entrepreneurs with Ace Insiders Club [VIDEO] with @JaneHinchey http://t.co/tWy1WrJq ->
QuickBooks Quickies:
  • #QuickBooksQuickies: foundation of your QuickBooks file begins with correct setup http://t.co/jlp5NOJH ->
  • #QuickBooksQuickies: save time and headaches – set it up right. don’t know how, ask a QuickBooks ProAdvisor to help http://t.co/KZpgR1YS ->
  • #QuickBooksQuickies: meaningful reports begin with planning – your chart of accounts matters http://t.co/Umk6IASp ->
  • #QuickBooksQuickies: setup wrong and your QuickBooks house of cards will come crashing down http://t.co/qh7gsIBp ->
  • #QuickBooksQuickies: garbage in, garbage out – setup your foundation correctly then forget about it http://t.co/qh7gsIBp ->
  • #QuickBooksQuickies: want all the answers before you know the questions? grab a copy of our #QuickStartChecklist http://t.co/FeJeMk83 ->
  • #QuickBooksQuickies: sometimes you need someone to walk you through it…we can help – http://t.co/0RfqygFj ->
Quotes of the Week:
  • inspiration comes to us slowly and quietly.. .prime it with a little solitude ~Brenda Ueland http://t.co/0jdWHpa9 ->
  • I am… http://t.co/DTQrW8NV ->
  • live as if you were to die tomorrow. learn as if you were to live forever ~Gandhi http://t.co/WfDL3NlC ->
  • our greatest flory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson http://t.co/3MJRgTcT ->
  • if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. ~Albert Einstein http://t.co/u8tT4bcA ->
  • it all starts with an idea ~ the mind of an entrepreneur http://t.co/rotj7Bw1 ->
Photos & Random Thoughts:
  • …think I just had an epiphany. totally rethinking part of my content creation strategy but enjoying this journey & having fun with it! ->
  • Quick break… smelling the roses (and sunflower) http://t.co/O5haYpxx ->
  • flowers = smiles… enjoy http://t.co/bTK44gbc ->
  • testing, testing… one, two, three. so far, I like. #MarketMeSuite ->
  • holy toledo… talking to my pal @bruce_taxguy. he just found a balance sheet that doesn’t balance!!! what the heck #TaxDay ->
  • what do you get when you call a tax preparer on tax day for an appointment? directions to file an extension…. http://t.co/5wHdrJZd ->
  • pretty neat for the tail end of tax day (and yes, that 2 laptops & a big axx monitor. I admit to my tech toy http://t.co/G680PVR2 ->
  • writing the QuickBooks QuickTips aka QuickBooksQuickies…. I’m having way too much fun for this to be work…. http://t.co/Cj4g8TqP ->
  • Dear Snoopy: As If!!!! ~The IRS http://t.co/9DXnK0L0 ->
Other Stuff – Check it Out:
  • QuickBooks: Shortcut to the Accounting Behind a Transaction – Scott Gregory, QuickBooks Expert http://t.co/PmXjznZf ->
  • RT @JustKimOnline: JustKimOnline Brand Updates is out! http://t.co/HOgpmWAR ->
  • RT @bizcoachdawn: Make Better Use Of Pinterest With These 5 Pinterest Tools #Pinterest #tools #apps http://t.co/rJmIJISB ->
  • RT @DivaBusiness: Want Social Media Engagement? R-E-A-C-T! http://t.co/dymKjHu0 via @MoreInMedia ->
  • Your #BRAND is bigger than your logo! It’s how you are perceived by your clients, prospective clients AND the marketplace. RT @kimgarst ->
  • RT @SaraShops: Social media lifecycle http://t.co/cQHMLKHI ->
  • #Twitter #Tip Don’t look like a spammer, ditch the default ‘egg head’ profile pic and add a photo of yourself instead RT @JackiedeBoerVA ->
  • There is a fighter in us all. Will you release yours in pursuit of wellness and healing? RT @carlmliebenberg ->
  • The 5 Stages Of A Twitter User | Alicia Cowan http://t.co/huHkHHb8 ->
  • Do you need a WordPress Blog / Website? check out @NormaDoiron http://t.co/yybwTZ4j #newbiz #WordPress #Blogging ->
  • Aspirations can cure headaches. ~ Robert Half #QUOTE RT@CoachKimH ->
  • wanna launch… you need this from @annesamoilov – thank me later! http://t.co/oBd0tFW2 ->
  • “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change world.” ~ Margaret Mead #womensrights RT @anitafiander ->
  • You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club. -Jack London #blogging #tips #productivity RT@PaulineMagnuson ->
  • damn good question?// Messed Up QuickBooks file, Start a New File or Fix the Old One? | QuickBooks for Contractors blog http://t.co/EVyErOZw ->
  • I’m reading @AbsoluteAlicia‘s free Twitter Tip Sheet. Grab your copy here (no opt in!) http://t.co/kRqOG9oq ->
  • Are You Failing to Stop Being a Perfectionist? You are Not Alone via @trancingqueen ->
  • What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.- Goethe RT @TheEdmundLee ->
  • Show your appreciation for others in your niche by creating a Top 20 list of who to follow! #socialmediatips via @DrJenBennett ->
  • RT @TheresaCifali: In case you missed it the first time…get organized! How to Create Interest Groups in Facebook http://t.co/jmkwuLV7 ->
  • Shocking Secrets of Sexy Girls! #empower #sexygirls #womensrights #sharongcobb http://t.co/Ze90zRvD RT @SharonGCobb ->
  • Don’t be afraid of dreaming. It can be yours, if you want it to be! :) RT @tarachatzakis ->
  • Are you doing these 5 things to relate to your potential client using social media… via @SusanPreston ->
  • “The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn.” —Gloria Steinem RT @beingisliving ->
  • “It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.” ~ Oprah Winfrey RT @AnastasiyaDay ->
  • Dating Don’t Tips No. 16 – Don’t pick somewhere super expensive. RT @howcanifindlove ->


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