Having accounting software isn’t enough.

Syncing the transactions from your bank account isn’t enough.

What do you need to do at least once per month as a small business owner to think like a CEO?

Every month, at least once a month, I suggest you do two things.  That’s it.  Just two things.

(1)  Assign categories (or accounts) to your synced transactions aka reconcile your accounts

(2)  Check your actual progress against your budget.  What did you well to meet your income & expense projects?  What could you do better next week?  Next month?  Next quarter?

What else do you need to know?  Check it out…

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See you soon!



About The Author

Joyce M. Washington is a Certified Public Accountant & Business Strategy Coach who teaches consultants, coaches and creatives how to go beyond the numbers and grow their businesses. Visit her at: TheCommonCents.com to grab 7 Steps To Better Books or come chat with her at The Cents Community on Facebook.

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