Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a

CPA on your team?

It’d be like having your own

money unicorn!

(more on that later)

You started your business to have some fun, do the thing you love and gain some financial independence.

You’re making consistent sales so the money is coming in but as soon as it comes in, it goes out just as fast.  

You need some help reigning it all in.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You know it needs to be done and you make every effort to do your bookkeeping but let’s face it, bookkeeping is BORING.

And you’d rather do one of the many other things you need to do in your business…  

So you get distracted.

Then it happens.  

Days, weeks… even months go by without you checking in on your numbers.  

And now you have tons of transactions to comb through and record before you can even look at meaningful reports.   

It’s way too much so the overwhelm starts to set it.

Your business finances are a complete mess.

In the midst of all the unknown & the sleepless nights, you realize that among all the things you don’t know…there’s one thing you DO know.

You know that you need some help…

What you need at this point is a done for you solution where you can work with a CPA who specializes in working with online businesses….just like yours.

Someone that talks your lingo and can translate all the “accountant speak” into something that is meaningful to you.

That’s where I come in.  I can help.

Private Consulting Services

One on One – Customized Done For You Consulting Services

Ready To Get Started? Schedule A 20 Minute Quick Consult

Are you ready to grab control of your money systems, implement a money strategy & grow your business on purpose?

All of this…controlling your money systems, implementing a solid money strategy and growing your business on purpose is ALL doable when you have your money sh*t together.

And you CAN get it together. Really, you can… and you don’t have to be a numbers genius to do it.

As one of my consulting clients, we will do it TOGETHER.

Here’s a sample of the types of consulting projects we could work on:

+  Day to Day Bookkeeping (complete with reports & notes)

+  Virtual CFO/Strategy (deep dive into your numbers & how they impact your business goals)

+  Budgeting & Forecasting (turning your goals into a plan & money milestones)

+  Accounting system cleanup (diving into your current system & bringing things up to date)

Who I Work With & How This Works:

I specialize in working with online service-based businesses…the majority of my clients are ladies and tend to be creatives, coaches and consultants. (Guys, no worries, I have room for you, too!)

Private consulting service projects are customized to you, depend on your needs, the complexity of your business & systems that need to be created.

They might be a one-time short-term project or a long-term, ongoing one.

Because we’re a team (or will be), I prefer to get to know my clients a little bit…before they are even my clients.

That means I have to do things a bit differently. Since this isn’t your average service offering, there’s no “click here to buy” button.

There’s only a link to schedule quick consultation with me so that we can get to know each other.

What’s the investment?

This too depends on you and your consulting project… it’s duration and complexity.

One time projects, like accounting systems cleanup, start at $1,200

Ongoing projects, like quarterly accounting services, start at $3,000 per year.

With either type of project, installment plans are available at no extra charge.

Note, the quick chat is a zero-pressure call. The goal here is to get insight into your business, to see if any of my consulting services are the right fit for you and to answer any questions you may have so that you can make the best decision for you and your business. This is a free-no obligation consultation. Period.

If you don’t receive appointment confirmation email within 24 hours or need to reschedule your consultation, please email [email protected].

Have Questions?

I’m a (fill in the blank) business. Is this level of service right for me?

Short answer… MAYBE. As mentioned, I specialize in working with women who have online-based service businesses…more specifically, my clients tend to be creatives, coaches and consultants.

That said, I have also worked with ecommerce/product-based businesses as well as a few gents, so if you’re unsure, shoot me an email – or better yet, schedule a quick consult with me and we’ll go from there.

If we aren’t a good fit, I’ll be glad to provide you with the contact information of a colleague or two that I trust to help you out.

My books are a mess. Can you help me with that? Do you provide service for catching up?

Absolutely. That’s actually a frequent request for service that I get when i start working with my private consulting clients.

If this is something that you really want to know about, we can explore the specifics during your quick consult and we’ll figure out the best course of action for you and your business.

Have Additional Questions?  Shoot Me An Email

Who Am I And Why Should You Work With Me?

Just in case we haven’t met yet…

I’m Joyce M. Washington. I’m a certified public accountant but I’m not your typical CPA (or so I’ve been told).

I got into this online biz game many moons ago.. In search of a lot of the same things that my clients are searching for. Things like location independence and financial freedom.

I struck out on my own wanting to not only have those things but because I wanted to do things my way…by bringing the structured corporate accounting style of money management and purposeful, intentional business growth to small businesses…

Over the years, I’ve been helping ladies (and gents) gain clarity, grow their business and have the a-ha moments that diving in the numbers brings.

And, I know what you’re probably saying right now… Bookkeeping is b.o.r.i.n.g! Not to a numbers nerd like me…

You might say diving into the numbers and deciphering them is my superpower. It’s what I truly love to do.

My love for numbers is what led one of my clients to nickname me a “money unicorn.” It stuck…mostly because who doesn’t want to be mythical & have superpowers? Plus, I like it.

I could talk about numbers all day (as you can see, if you’ve made it this far).

I look forward to working with you.

Until then…laters! xx

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