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Hello there future money master!

You’re probably here because you’re overwhelmed and drowning in paper or things that you “should do”. You’re in a rut and you just don’t know any of your numbers – like income, cash flow, profit, estimated taxes – and you’re tired of putting your head in the sand.

You’d like to get out of this rut, get clear on all of your numbers and use this newly acquired superpower to grow your business.

If this sounds like you, we need to link up…immediately.

Here are a few ways we can work together.

Chat with you soon.


NOTE:  Although, I primarily work with creatives, coaches and consultants, a few other online business owners have found their way onto my client roster.

Bookkeeping Systems Cleanup

Bookkeeping Systems Troubleshooting & Cleanup

Is your bookkeeping a mess, do you need to clean it up but not sure where to start?  

You followed the setup directions, connected your bank accounts for automation but… everything’s a mess.  And you’re not sure you “did it right?  

Bookkeeping Systems Cleanup is for you.

The Cents Club: Virtual Bookkeeping Services for Bootstrappers & DIYers

Virtual Bookkeeping Done For You & For the DIYer:
The Cents Club

Already have you money systems setup?  Good to go but need help keeping it going?  Maybe you’re ready to hand over the reigns of a few things?

The Cents Club is your jam then… in the club, you can either DIY your bookkeeping or have us do it for you AND have a CPA on call to look over your shoulder and answer your questions.

Virtual CFO Services

Beyond Bootstrapping & Bookkeeping:
Virtual CFO Services

Ready to go beyond bootstrapping and doing it yourself?  Ready to dig into your numbers and use them as a tool to strategically grow your business?  

Virtual CFO is made to order then… working with me and my team, you’ll get your day to day money tasks done for you plus the financial analysis and business strategy brainstorming to take your business to the next financial milestone

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