Business Building Resources

I’m a bit of a gadget girl… techy nerd.  Whatever you want to call it.  So I’ve worked with and tested more than my fair share of tools, software, classes, etc.  So I thought it would be cool to create a resource page that you could come to help you with all your business building needs.

As I come across new tools to use, I will add them to the list so you may want to either bookmark this page or come back to it ever so often to see what’s new.

Note of Disclosure: In the spirit of transparency, note that some of the links are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.  All of the tools listed are tools that I use or have used and recommend to you because of their quality.  Although I love these resources, I don’t think they are necessarily nor do I think they are keys to growth.  Only invest in them if and when you are truly ready and when you feel that they will be beneficial to the growth of your business. 

My Daily Tools

This is my short list of tools that I use every day.  Can’t seem to get going without them.

Asana – my to-do list/project management life & sanity saver.  Because of Asana, I no longer keep tons of plans and information in my head…I have a pretty organized place where I can keep track of everything from client due dates to marketing due dates.  I also love that I can share and assign tasks to my team and my clients.  (I even put my personal due dates in here).

Fitbit Flex – my personal fitness tracker that I use in conjunction with MyFitnessPal.  Contrary to popular belief, you can’t be all business, all the time.  You and I need to take care of our health and create healthy habits.  These two tools help me make healthy habits a no-brainer.

Google Apps for Work – my one stop shop for my business email, calendar, voicemail, etc.  While I may not love all the features, I like them enough to use them on a daily basis.

Google Drive & Dropbox – my file storage for both business and personal docs.

Xero – my preferred accounting system for both my business and my clients so I am literally logging in daily (and sometimes on weekends – have a phone app helps).

Favorite ECourses

My go-to courses that I refer back to time and time again.

Screw U – for everything from making sure you have a solid online marketing foundation to killer “like-minded” community

Fearless Launching – my systematic program for how to put myself and my services out there

Absolute FB Ads – this is my manual to running ads without feeling like a I’m out of my league.  Claire Pelletreau is my go-to guru (and I so dislike the overuse of that word).

Accounting & Finance Tracking Software

Xero Accounting Software

Wave Accounting Software

Payroll Preparation Tools

Gusto Payroll, Benefits & Compliance (formerly known as ZenPayroll)

Xero Payroll (as part of Xero)

Wave Payroll (provided by the folks at Wave Accounting)

Heartland Payroll (contact my contact, Mike Reid)

Merchant Services/Payment Processors




Heartland Merchant Services (contact Mike Reid)

Electronic Document Signing Tools

Adobe Document Cloud (formerly Echosign)


Appointment Setting Tools

Acuity Scheduling


Schedule Once

Website Tools



Elegant Themes (Divi Theme, Monarch, Bloom)


Email Marketing/Autoresponders



Social Media Tools




Image Creators

Canva for Work


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