About Joyce M. Washington, CPA

virtual cfo & business strategist

me in RockyGap 201507Building a business ain’t easy.  In fact, it’s probably the most stressful & worrisome “career” choice I’ve ever made.  However, it’s also the most rewarding choice I’ve ever made because I get to play almost every day.

I get it.  Every morning, I log into an inbox full of the next best thing.  The next must be on platform.  The next must join money-making program.  But seriously, it’s all a distraction from what’s important…the inner-workings of my business.  I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Hello there gorgeous…I’m Joyce M. Washington.  I’m a certified public accountant, virtual cfo and business strategist.  I work with super-smart lady creatives, coaches and consultants that want to get out of a rut, get clear on their numbers and use this new superpower to grow their businesses!

It’s deeper than the money.  It’s about creating the business that serves me the best and serves my clients in the best way that I can.  Every time I question what I should do next, I go to Joyce.  She is my go to person.

Catherine Just

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Track Your Numbers & Grow Your Business With Your Personalized Money Map

Money in the bank is important. Believe me. I know it is… but growing your business requires a little more than just knowing your bank balance and hoping for the best.

Here’s a few ways I can help you and your business be great.

Creatives, Freelancers, Coaches, Consultants…Micropreneurs: Ready to dig in, get clear on your numbers and knock a few out of the park? The surefire way to work with me & my team of money magicians is to sign up for virtual accounting services.

Bootstrappers, Starter-Uppers, Seasoned DIYers: Looking for a little “on-call” assistance with a little accountability & few checklist thrown in for good measure? Find out when The Cents Club opens for new members.

Consulting for Startups, Nonprofits, & Other Fun Stuff: Have another accounting or business coaching related project that you need help with. Send me the specs here.

PS. If you’re not quite sure where you fit in or if you’re ready for any of this, take a poke around. Start here and take a look here at some of my best stuff.  Or check out my Work With Me page to see everything I have to offer in one place.


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