Bookkeeping Bootcamp For Solopreneurs and Freelancers

 Create a MONEY SYSTEM that works for you and your business NOW.
Without fluff-filled training videos, using my EXACT processes, templates and checklists.

No matter what time of year it is, Tax Prep is SCARY!  Am I Right?

Whether you do your taxes yourself or hand over your piles of paper to your tax preparer, it’s something that most business owners dread…

Because it takes awhile to get everything together.  

Does this sound like you?  You have a mangled money mess on your hands?

A hodgepodge of spreadsheets and papers all over the place that you have to gather?  So much so, that you don’t know where to start?

How long does it REALLY take you to get your stuff together?  

Especially if you don’t have a money system and haven’t done your bookkeeping in months (or ever)?

How many hours are you spending away from your business?  Hours, days, weeks?

Seriously.  How long is it going to take you to get things together?  And get to the point that you can actually give the information to someone else to do something with it?  Like help you with budgeting or creating sales projections or prepare your taxes?  

What would life be like if you had an expert walk you through actually getting your money system together once and for all?

Just think how absolutely AWESOME
you’ll feel when your taxes are filed
and the nightmare is over…

That’ll feel great, right?

That’s exactly what this workshop is all about. Getting your money systems setup so that you can have a stress free tax time AND answer the money questions that keep you up at night.

Using the same checklists, templates and tools, that I use when I setup and review my clients’ money systems, we’ll create your money systems in the


Bookkeeping Bootcamp for Solopreneurs and Freelancers

Without further ado…Here’s what we’re going to DO in the Bookkeeping Bootcamp:

✔  Section 1:  Foundation Building:  Software Selection & Software Setup

✔  Section 2:  Going Back In Time:  importing your transactions

✔  Section 3:  Going Forward, Part One:  Categorizing & Automation

✔  Section 4:  Making Sense Of The Numbers

Are you ready to get started?


Frequently Asked Questions

What software is used/taught during the Bookkeeping Bootcamp?

Surprise, NONE.  I have purposely structured the videos and templates to be software independent so that you can use what YOU select and make it happen for you!  

Although I do prefer  Xero Accounting and use it in my business and with my clients, it is my opinion that the “right”, the “best” software is the one that you will actually USE!  

So go get the software that works best for you and your business…the one that you will actually use and keep up with on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis…one that will become the killer money system tool that you can use the scale and grow your business!

What happens next? How do I access the Bookkeeping Bootcamp and how is it delivered?

Here’s what happens next.  You will receive two emails:  your email receipt and a separate welcome email with your login credentials. 

Your login will give you access to the modules and worksheets that comprise the Bookkeeping Bootcamp.  You will get access to everything at one time so you can do everything at your own pace…

If you don’t receive your receipt or your access email (and you’ve already checked your spam folder), please email

Is this workshop for US based companies only?

Not necessarily.  All of my clients are US based, however, all of the recommendations for accounting software are cloud based…therefore, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can use the Bookkeeping Bootcamp to get your squared away.

Can I Get A Refund? Do You Offer A Guarantee?

All sales are final.  As much as I would love to offer refunds & guarantees, the digital nature of the delivery of the modules and worksheets makes that hard.  It’s for this reason that I have a no-refund policy.

Who Am I And Why Did I Create The Bookkeeping Bootcamp for Solopreneurs & Freelancers?

Hey there. Have we met yet?

I’m Joyce M. Washington. I’m a certified public accountant but I’m not your typical CPA (or so I’ve been told).

Using a quirky mix of the traditional accounting services with a splash of coaching & consulting, I’ve been helping ladies and gents have the a-ha moments that diving into the numbers brings.

Now, as much as I love to have these one on one jam sessions with my clients, I know that not every business owner is ready (or financially able) to do that…but there’s the problem.

The bookkeeping needs to be done, right?

That’s where the Bookkeeping Bootcamp for Solopreneurs & Freelancers comes in.

It’s kinda like having a private tutor look over your shoulder while you create your very own customized money system.

Note: Pre-order pricing available for a limited time! 



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