007 – Building A Business On Purpose

 Building a growing, thriving, successful business isn’t a given.  It won’t just fall out of the sky… you can’t just build it and the customers will come. Over the years, I’ve made a few observations, my informal case study, into what makes for a successful business....

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006 – The Truth About 6 Figures

 Six Figures isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, especially when there seems to be a moving target & every changing definition that suits the exclaimer… I’m calling BS on 6 figure claims in marketing…it’s bothersome and frustrating unless you ask the right...

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005 – Surviving Tax Time

 Tax time can be stressful for anyone but it really doesn’t have to be.  As a reformed tax preparer, I have a few tips, tricks & hacks that will de-stress tax time for you, your family and your tax person (if you have one). What we’re chatting about in this...

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004 – Money & Metrics

 Every Monday is affectionately referred to as Money & Metrics Monday here with Team Common Cents.  It’s when we stop and take stock of our progress and make plans for the coming week. It’s also what we do for our clients on Client Time Tuesdays.    What we’re...

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002 – Fall in love with your business…by the numbers

Falling back in love with your business isn’t easy, especially when you don’t like your business very much anymore because you’re overwhelmed and burned out...That’s what happened to our host.  Let’s listen in on her story of what she did to get that old thing back...

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