Team Building Using Independent Contractors

Awesome… you’ve outgrown what you can do as a solopreneur. You want to make more money but you’ve run out of time and/or capacity to get more stuff done as a service providing entrepreneur or as a product producer so what do you do?  Build your team….most likely with...

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Reforecasting to Finish Strong

We’re in the last quarter of the year. The things that you wanted to get done, maybe you got them done.  Maybe you didn’t. But you don’t have to take regrets into the new year. I’m sure there are a few things that you absolutely must get done before the clock strikes...

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The Big Picture: Work Life Balance

Studies show that stress is a killer. Finding work life balance can be hard. When you start a business, stress is inevitable… right? Maybe. Maybe not. Stress doesn’t have to be a part of the package. You can find some balance but you’ve got to start from the...

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Planning For Tax Time – Sooner Is Better!

I can see you rolling your eyes already.   The leaves are barely’s not even close to the end of the year so WHY? Why am I insisting that you even think about tax time now? Sooner Really Is Better! I can hear you.  You’re all, “Joyce, what the hell are...

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Revamp Your Budget

Sometimes plans go off course. We plan to focus. We plan to market. We plan and we budget. We plan to do a lot of things but sometime the best laid plans fail. When that happens, you come up with a new plan, a new focus, a new goal. That, of course, leads to a new...

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Stop Leaving Money On The Table

Sometimes I wonder about all these 6-7 figure launches. How much do they REALLY collect? How much of the six or seven figures even reaches their bank account? The Process - The Questions Let me explain… Getting someone to click the "Buy Now" button is just the...

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