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taking your solid money foundation to the next level of growth and profitability

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Ready to increase your productivity, efficiency AND profitability?

You’ve got your accounting and bookkeeping covered but you want to dig deeper into your numbers.

Sometimes that means personalized support for your ongoing projects and launches.

Sometimes that means individualized financial projections, asset analysis, budget analysis and cash flow management.

Sometimes that means an extra set of eyes to help you identify your goals and objectives, a strategy to map out the steps you need to take, and a plan to bring them to fruition.

Virtual CEO/CFO Consulting and advisory service

The hands-on, done-for-you add-on advisory service that helps successful service providers like coaches, consultants and course creators track the numbers, hit milestones and exceed goals by getting laser focused on their goals, budget and business trends.

what our clients are saying

Pat Romain
Pat Romain

She really understood the inner workings of my business.

Usually I have to do a lot of explaining when it comes to how I run my business or what my business even is but she got it right off the bat!

It’s more than bookkeeping and accounting people!!

Wesley Woods
Wesley Woods

Joyce is simply brilliant.

She has the unique ability to filter out the “noise” that entrepreneurs experience when making pricing & business decisions.

She’s very thorough and helped me to see the big picture.

All of her suggestions were relevant, immediately actionable and helped me solve my pricing dilemma.

I would definitely recommend that you hire Joyce for a consulting session today!

Do you have your accounting and bookkeeping covered?

Need a Detailed Deep-Dive into your numbers?

Are we already doing your accounting and bookkeeping? Or maybe you have your accounting and bookkeeping covered?

But you’ve looking for a little more personalized number reviews and deeper dives into the details?

Yes? Then the CFO Consulting Service is for you.

Since you have you accounting and bookkeeping covered, BYOB…bring your own books and we can build from there…

Digging deeper into your numbers for the money numbers magic, helping you to set goals and hit your money milestones.



review & analysis

financial statement review & analysis with video notes for you and your accounting team

strategy sessions

strategy sessions where we brainstorm action plans to help you hit (and exceed) your money milestones and profit goals

CEO/CFO Checkins

checkin sessions to check progress and tweak the plan

session recordings

all of our client sessions are recorded so you can be present and focused (instead of feverishly taking notes)

Assistance with Special Projects

special projects like budgeting + analysis, forecasting + projections, project/launch forecasting, custom reporting, etc

Unlimited support

via email & Voxer support; you’re not alone on your business journey, we’re here to help and answer questions

Virtual CEO/CFO Consulting and Advisory Services

Personalized analytical support, including but not limited to: financial analysis, budget preparation and review; reforecasting; financial impact analysis and more

Starting at: $2500 per quarter

Please Note:
✏️This service can be added to our Outsourced Accounting & Bookkeeping Services or as a standalone service if you already have a bookkeeper or accountant.
✏️ The duration of this service is 90 days from your first session (one calendar quarter).

How We Get Started: Our New Client Onboarding Process

​You’re ready and we’re ready too.

We can’t wait to work with you so our hope is that our onboarding process is super smooth.

Whether you just want your bookkeeping done or something more, getting started is as simple as

1, 2, 3…

Step One - Inquiry + Money Systems Assessment

A mini-systems review that we do together – where we discuss the level of support you need, any add on services and how The Common Cents team help


Per our discussions, you’ll receive a service agreement that outlines + confirms the scope of agreed-upon services. Once signed, we are ready to get the numbers party started.


You’ll be invited to our secure client portal and we will finalize + optimize your money systems, get you set up on our systems and start your ongoing services.

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