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Joyce is simply brilliant.

She has the unique ability to filter out the “noise” that entrepreneurs experience when making pricing & business decisions.

She’s very thorough and helped me to see the big picture.

All of her suggestions were relevant, immediately actionable and helped me solve my pricing dilemma.

I would definitely recommend that you hire Joyce for a consulting session today!

Wesley Woods

I really like the money metrics tracker.

It’s super simple to use and it’ll help anyone at any business stage scale their income, help them measure and track their successes…all in one place.

I also like that it’s international – it can be really frustrating to only have resources that work in one country!

This is one of the *very* few resources that I happily recommend to my clients.

Jessica Lorimer - CEO, Smart Leaders Sell

Joyce helped me see the value of my program.

She lovingly showed me how my first round of Fearless Launching was severely underpriced and with some kinda crazy ninja voodoo she encouraged me to price my product appropriately.

The result? My second launch of Fearless Launching yielded triple the results without having a huge list.

Thanks you Joyce! I’ll be back to get more of your pricing magic!

Anne Samoilov

It’s deeper than the money.  It’s about more than just bookkeeping and accounting.

It’s about creating the business that serves me the best and serves my clients in the best way that I can.

Every time I question what I should do next, I go to Joyce.  She is my go to person.

I know she is going to tell me the truth, get me back on track.  I appreciate her direct, concise solutions.

Catherine Just

Joyce can talk in specific terms in dollars and cents or she can talk in terms of “mindset.”

Being able to combine the two is a great service

Lauren Frost

She really understood the inner workings of my business.

Usually I have to do a lot of explaining when it comes to how I run my business or what my business even is but she got it right off the bat!

It’s more than bookkeeping and accounting people!!

Pat Romain
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